Aluminum precision structure components industry development background and technical level characteristics development trend

Aluminum precision structure components industry development background and technical level characteristics development trend.SourceRare earth magnet-

Aluminum precision structure components industry development background and technical level characteristics development trendSourceRare earth magnet-

1、The gradual application of aluminum precision structure manufacturing in China.SourceRare earth magnet-

Precision metal structure manufacturing was developed in the 1980s. In the early stage, due to the good mechanical technology and relatively developed product application technology of Europe, America, Japan and other industrially developed countries, they gradually occupied the monopoly position in industrial competition. From the 1990s to the beginning of this century, most of the manufacturing enterprises in China were in the stage of OEM processing for foreign enterprises.SourceRare earth magnet-

In recent years, with the deepening of economic globalization and world economic integration, the international division of labor has been deepening, international industries have been gradually transferred to China, and China has gradually developed into a manufacturing power through the continuous introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology and independent innovation, and the rapid growth of demand for precision metal products in downstream industries has prompted the rapid development of upstream precision metal manufacturing and other industries, and the industry has begun to show a break with industrial The industry began to show a trend of breaking the monopoly of developed countries on precision metal manufacturing.SourceRare earth magnet-

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In recent years, as consumer electronics, communication products, new energy equipment, aerospace and other high-tech products have become popular and entered the era of mass consumption, consumers have put forward higher requirements for the diversity and novelty of products, and the speed of product replacement has been accelerating. In order to adapt to the increasingly competitive market environment and reduce the production costs of raw material procurement, transportation, machinery and equipment procurement, large manufacturing enterprises have gradually changed the precision manufacturing of metal structure components of various production equipment and products from self-production to external procurement, and enterprises are more focused on the development of new technologies, new products, design and market trends, etc. Some of the enterprises with precision manufacturing have emerged and developed in large numbers. The emergence and development of precision manufacturing enterprises is the inevitable requirement of modern management for the refinement of social division of labor and the refinement of service quality, and is also one of the important trends of modern social development.SourceRare earth magnet-

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Aluminum precision structure assembly is a classification of precision structure assembly. Aluminum material has many excellent shaping properties than other metal materials such as good fluidity, small shrinkage, easy absorption, easy oxidation, rich surface treatment, good visual effect, etc., which makes it become the main chosen material for precision structure manufacturing. Aluminum precision structural components can not only meet the functional requirements of structural components for products in downstream industries, but also improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance and hardness after surface treatment such as anodic oxidation, and meet the increasing requirements of consumers for aesthetic appearance in terms of color, smoothness and texture. unprecedented development opportunities in China.SourceRare earth magnet-

2、Technology level and characteristics of the industry.SourceRare earth magnet-

(1) Technology level of the industrySourceRare earth magnet-

China is an important country in the world for the production of precision structural components, and also has a number of enterprises with high technology level, but there is still a certain gap in the technical level compared with developed countries, for precision structural components, precision molds determine the accuracy of the product. Such as Germany in precision structural components mold precision ± 1μm of the proportion of up to 46.90%, while China in the precision of ± 1μm of the proportion of not more than 10.00%. Although there is still a gap between China and foreign countries in the field of precision structural components, but after years of development, China's precision structural components manufacturing technology and R & D capabilities have been greatly enhanced, and a number of precision manufacturing enterprises with independent development and design capabilities and a large scale have emerged. At present, China's precision structural component enterprises have certain ability to provide large-scale production for customers in various fields, and can meet the growing demand of the end market, becoming an important member of the global supply system.SourceRare earth magnet-

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(2) Technical characteristics of the industrySourceRare earth magnet-

(1) There is a relatively fixed proportional relationship between industriesSourceRare earth magnet-

An important feature of the precision structure manufacturing industry is that there are many downstream industries, ranging from aerospace to daily life, which require precision products. The product technology level of downstream enterprises is changing rapidly, which makes it necessary to keep the technology level of enterprises in the industry that provide precision manufacturing services for them to develop simultaneously. As precision structure manufacturing enterprises are important supporting producers of downstream application industries, under the established product structure and technology level, there is a relatively fixed supporting proportional relationship between the products of downstream enterprises and the products of this industry in terms of quantity. Therefore, there is a close correlation between the market demand, industry scale and development space of the precision structure manufacturing industry and the downstream industry.SourceRare earth magnet-

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(2) The degree of competition in the industry is inversely related to the level of precisionSourceRare earth magnet-

There are many downstream industry fields in the precision structure manufacturing industry, and there is relatively little competition among the structural component manufacturers in different downstream industry fields. The degree of competition in the market of structural component manufacturers in the same downstream industry field decreases with the increase of the precision of the products of structural components produced. General precision structural components or traditional precision structural components only need simple stamping equipment and molds to complete, and there are many companies in the market that can provide related services, and the market competition is relatively fierce. High-precision or ultra-precision structural components require expensive stamping equipment, CNC and other equipment, and a professional R&D team with industry experience and design capability.SourceRare earth magnet-

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(3) The product function in the industry has the characteristics of compound typeSourceRare earth magnet-

Precision structure manufacturing enterprises usually provide metal structure component products and services for multiple customers in multiple industries, and face different requirements for the appearance, performance and structure of metal structure components in different industries, thus producing different products with the same manufacturing system or producing the same products with different production processes. Given that the basic performance of products in the industry is closely related to the performance or usage required by downstream customers, there are significant differences in the performance focus required by different customers for the products. Take smart TV structural components as an example, the level of technology of this type of consumer electronics structural components is increasingly developing in the direction of large, thin, integrated and aesthetically pleasing texture. This requires the smart TV bezel structural components from four bezel to one bent bezel development, while needing to maintain the stability of the basis, but also to ensure that the surface texture and appearance of metal structural components in line with the product quality positioning. Therefore, the relevant product structure components to maintain the above light and thin, strong on the basis of both the appearance of beautiful, exquisite fashion and other functions.SourceRare earth magnet-

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3、Characteristics of the industry and the development trend in ChinaSourceRare earth magnet-

The downstream of the precision structural components industry is widely used in the fields of consumer electronics, smart home and automotive electronics, etc. The demand for products in different fields varies significantly and requires customized product development, design and manufacturing according to customer requirements, thus changes in demand in the downstream industry will directly affect the market environment of the precision structural components industry. In view of the large differences in the development direction of different downstream application areas, the industry has the following characteristics from the application areas.SourceRare earth magnet-

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(1) The product is in the formative stage of the industry life cycleSourceRare earth magnet-

Since the 1950s, aluminum products manufacturing industry in China, the product application range from the initial daily hardware, general machinery, mechanical and electrical and other general areas gradually expanded to the current multi-class applications. Especially in recent years, under the impetus of consumer upgrading, the secondary consumption and multiple consumption of consumer electronic products have gradually become mainstream, and the market has entered a stable and rapid development stage. In this environment, consumer electronics manufacturers are paying more and more attention to product design, materials and processes to improve user experience and brand image. Based on the strength of aluminum products both metal, but also has a light weight, easy heat dissipation, strong resistance to pressure, practical and beautiful features and relatively low cost advantages, consumer electronics industry manufacturers through the "value" and "performance" of the process of exploration, smart phone shell The consumer electronics industry, through the exploration of "value" and "performance" process, smart phone shells, smart TV bezels, smart wearable devices, tablet PCs and other consumer electronics products can use high-quality aluminum materials to make the products more lightweight, environmental protection, practical and beautiful. In response to the development needs of consumer electronics, aluminum structural components in the appearance of consumer electronics demand more and more extensive applications.SourceRare earth magnet-

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(2) Short product life cycle, with customization characteristicsSourceRare earth magnet-

In the consumer electronics industry, different users have different demands on the appearance, performance, color and texture of products. At the same time, the consumer electronics industry has frequent market hotspots, product updates are fast, personalized demand is prominent and other characteristics, the brand manufacturers to maintain their competitive advantage to keep pushing the new, different brand manufacturers also have their own unique product design out of the need to compete. However, as an upstream manufacturer of precision structures for brand manufacturers, they face a number of downstream industries with a wide range of product applications. There are big differences between different types, between different models of the same type, and even between different application environments of the same model, which requires manufacturers of precision structure manufacturing to constantly adjust the appearance, performance, size, texture and other parameters of precision structural components according to the requirements of downstream brand manufacturers, and to develop different design solutions to customize specialized structural component products, so an important feature of the industry is the non-standardization of products. Therefore, an important feature of the industry is the non-standardization of products.SourceRare earth magnet-

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(3) Increasing customer demand for integration and R&D synchronizationSourceRare earth magnet-

Traditionally, manufacturers of precision structures have been responsible for the production of only one type of product, with a single production model and production process. As modern production processes become increasingly complex, downstream brand manufacturers are increasingly demanding for supply chain efficiency and integration of products and services. Competition in the end market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the speed of product replacement in various industries is accelerating. In order to meet the market demand, brand manufacturers need to constantly push out new products, which puts higher demands on the synchronized R&D and design capability of precision structure component manufacturers. The brand manufacturers often propose to the precision structure manufacturers the idea, concept sketch or functional requirements of a certain product structural component, and the upstream manufacturers have to propose constructive solutions and try out the structural components that meet the requirements of the brand manufacturers according to the idea of the product structural component combined with their own production process, and the structural component manufacturing service providers will also suggest improvements based on their own industry experience, and also The structural component manufacturing service provider will also make suggestions for improvement based on its own industry experience, and will provide feedback to the brand manufacturer in a timely manner on the idealized product requirements of the customer and the problems encountered in the real-life trial production. Structural component manufacturing service providers need to fully understand customers' product needs, conduct targeted R&D and production, improve the ability to synchronize R&D with customers, and shorten the R&D cycle so as to better meet customers' needs.SourceRare earth magnet-

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(4) Product's precision manufacturing characteristics are obviousSourceRare earth magnet-

Aluminum structural components are an intermediate product that needs to be fully matched with other functional parts during assembly in use, with high requirements for precision and quality, mainly including both apparent quality requirements and internal performance requirements. Apparent quality has two measurement dimensions, one is the shape and dimensional accuracy of aluminum structural components, the same model (batch) of products to maintain a high degree of consistency, which is related to the interchangeability and use of aluminum structural components when assembled; the second is the surface accuracy and surface defects of aluminum structural components, which will affect the appearance and use of the product effect, but also related to the brand image of the end product. The intrinsic properties, i.e. the quality of properties, including fusion seam strength, residual stress, orientation and density, related mechanical properties, thermal properties, etc., are related to the stable performance of the end product functions. The high requirements of aluminum structural components in terms of precision and quality fully reflect the precision processing and manufacturing characteristics of aluminum structural component manufacturers.SourceRare earth magnet-

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(5) Downstream customers have high stabilitySourceRare earth magnet-

In order to ensure supply quality and timely delivery, aluminum structural component manufacturers usually need to accept strict qualification examination from downstream customers before supplying to them. The scope of examination includes the situation of machinery and equipment, product development and design capability, supply speed, capacity guarantee capability, production management level, quality control level, credit status, safety production, information security, environmental protection, social responsibility situation, etc. Generally, it takes a long time from the customer's approval of the aluminum structural component manufacturer to the product trial sample, and only after all aspects are up to standard will the customer provide a bulk order to enter the mass production stage. After becoming a qualified supplier to a downstream customer, the downstream customer will generally steadily expand its purchasing volume. If the new supplier has problems in product quality, delivery speed and stability, it will affect the overall production plan of the downstream customer, thus the downstream customer will generally maintain a more stable cooperative relationship with the upstream aluminum structural component manufacturer after determining the supplier list.SourceRare earth magnet-

 SourceRare earth magnet-

4、Challenges faced by the industrySourceRare earth magnet-

(1) The industry scale is generally small and the risk resistance is poorSourceRare earth magnet-

The downstream application industries of the precision structure manufacturing industry are relatively extensive, and the precision requirements of different downstream application industries for precision structural component products are different, and even the same product has different demands according to its market positioning, and the main products in the industry are mostly non-standard products, and there is a large gap between the detailed processing requirements of products in different application fields. Therefore, the manufacturers of precision structural components present a relatively independent competition pattern in various product segments. The overall concentration of domestic manufacturers of precision structural components is low, and the scale of manufacturers of subdivision products is generally small, resulting in the trend of industry scale and concentration is not obvious. The small scale of enterprises makes it difficult to form a scale effect to achieve the optimization of economic benefits, which puts domestic enterprises at a disadvantage in competition with industry giants.SourceRare earth magnet-

 SourceRare earth magnet-

(2) Shortage of mature technical talents in the industrySourceRare earth magnet-

The precision structure manufacturing industry involves various kinds of professional and technical talents such as mold design, stamping, injection molding, etc. The precision structure manufacturing industry is capital and technology-intensive and involves many technical fields, and the relevant technical personnel need to have a deep understanding of the manufacturing process, production process, technology iteration and future trends in the downstream field, and the professional and technical talents assume an important role in the process of product manufacturing and frontier research and development. On the one hand, the overall manufacturing level of domestic precision structure manufacturing enterprises is not high, and the target customers are also concentrated in the relatively low-end market, with insufficient experience in the development of high-end markets and a shortage of relevant industry talents; on the other hand, there is a lack of mature experience and ability to cultivate a system of relevant industry talents in China, and the joint school-enterprise three-dimensional talent training system from the educational end to the industrial end of the industry has not yet been perfected. The reserve of mature technical talents in the industry is still insufficient, and enterprises mainly rely on their own training and external introduction, which has certain limitations.SourceRare earth magnet-

 SourceRare earth magnet-

(3) Difficulty in employment faced by the industrySourceRare earth magnet-

Although the industry is gradually developing from manual work to automatic machine work, the characteristics of the industry and production, such as inspection and packaging, still require a large number of workers for manual operation. The treatment of workshop personnel is generally limited by the added value of the industry's products, and the relatively noisy, mechanical and boring production environment of the factory is less attractive to young people. At the same time, the promotion channel for manufacturing talents is too narrow and the growth incentive is not obvious, and many workers lack interest and identity to work in manufacturing enterprises. Moreover, in recent years, the transfer of manufacturing workers to the service industry has become prominent. The life service industry has relatively low skill requirements, such as courier, take-away and online taxi platforms, and the threshold of employment is not high, but the wage level is relatively higher, and some industries have very high freedom of working hours, which easily attracts young and middle-aged laborers to join, causing widespread employment problems in the industry.SourceRare earth magnet-

 SourceRare earth magnet-

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