How to purchase the right strong magnets?

More and more permanent magnet customers do not know how to purchase the right NdFeB magnets, maybe their product engineers give them the size and quantity, and then the buyers look for suppliers or magnet manufacturers based on these materials. However, if you have no experience in buying strong magnets, it may take a lot of time and cost to find the right magnets for your products, so in this article, we will teach you how to become a qualified magnet buyer.SourceRare earth magnet-

How to purchase the right strong magnets?SourceRare earth magnet-

1. Size D4*6 and D6*4, not the same magnetSourceRare earth magnet-

Many customers may think this is the same magnet, in fact, many times people make mistakes in the measurement.SourceRare earth magnet-

Normally we say D4*6MM magnet, that is to say 4mm in diameter and 6MM in height, which is a cylindrical magnet. So we have to pay more attention when we buy magnets, and we will confirm with our customers several times to make sure it is accurate. When they tell us the size of D4*6MM, we usually ask him if the diameter is 4MM and the height is 6MM, while D6*4MM, means the diameter is 6MM and the thickness is 4MM.SourceRare earth magnet-

There is also need to pay attention to the unit of strong magnets, usually the unit of magnets is millimeter, if the engineer needs 4 * 4cm magnets, and then the buyer tells the supplier that we need 4 * 4 magnet samples, then the actual 4 * 4 mm samples we may receive. So the magnet unit also need special attention.SourceRare earth magnet-

How to purchase the right strong magnets?SourceRare earth magnet-

2、High performance strong magnets are rarely available in stockSourceRare earth magnet-

As we all know, magnets come in different sizes, different shapes, and different grades. Therefore, it is difficult to store them. Because of the high cost of strong magnets, and if the grade, size, and shape do not meet the needs of customers, it is worthless. Therefore, if you want to buy N52, N50 or N48 magnets in large quantities and the seller says they have them in stock. You should be careful. Because many sellers will use low-grade magnets instead of high-grade magnets.SourceRare earth magnet-

 SourceRare earth magnet-

3、What is the difference between galvanized magnets and zinc-nickel magnetsSourceRare earth magnet-

Zinc plated magnets or nickel plated magnets many people have this question, what is the difference between them? Simply put, nickel-plated has better performance than galvanized, but galvanized magnets are cheaper. Therefore, choose according to your own product needs. (Nickel has a brighter appearance because it is superior to zinc in terms of polishability. The nickel surface finish also increases the temperature resistance, plus the conductive nature of nickel itself.)SourceRare earth magnet-

How to purchase the right strong magnets?SourceRare earth magnet-

 SourceRare earth magnet-

4、Sample customizationSourceRare earth magnet-

We recommend our customers to buy some magnet samples on the internet B2B trusted website first and test it, if the magnet supplier sees your request, then send you test samples to check its grade and whether the plating is up to standard. Sometimes you will find that the grade you think is not the real grade of the magnet. It's time to shop around!SourceRare earth magnet-

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