Sintered Alnico Magnets Production Process|Benefits|Applications

Sintered Alnico Magnets Production Process|Benefits|Applications.After the discovery of Tokushichi Mishima in 1931, alnico magnets received a lot of attention. Due to the multiple advantages of Alnico magnets, it still occupies an important position in the consumption structure of permanent magnets. Two types, casting type and sintered type, according to the processing process.SourceRare earth magnet-

Cast type Alnico has higher magnetic performance than sintered Alnico, but the manufacturing process of sintered Alnico is simple.SourceRare earth magnet-

Sintered Alnico Magnets Production Process|Benefits|Applications SourceRare earth magnet-

I. Manufacturing process of sintered alnico magnets.SourceRare earth magnet-

Second, the advantages of sintered alnico magnets.SourceRare earth magnet-

 SourceRare earth magnet-

1. Sintered Alnico magnets can be used up to 450-500 degree C, and it has small magnetic output variation and temperature variation between permanent magnet series.SourceRare earth magnet-

2. Although the magnetic properties of sintered Alnico magnets are slightly lower than those of cast Alnico magnets, their mechanical properties are much better.SourceRare earth magnet-

3. The size and dimensional tolerances of sintered Alnico are relatively smaller than those of cast magnets, and do not require much further processing.SourceRare earth magnet-

4. Suitable for mass production.SourceRare earth magnet-

5. Excellent anti-corrosion ability.SourceRare earth magnet-

Sintered Alnico Magnets Production Process|Benefits|Applications SourceRare earth magnet-

Application of sintered Alnico magnetsSourceRare earth magnet-

Alnico permanent magnet material is mainly composed of aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, copper, titanium and other materials.SourceRare earth magnet-

 SourceRare earth magnet-

Newly developed application areas of Alnico: Hall components for temperature sensors and electronic sensors for automobiles.SourceRare earth magnet-

 SourceRare earth magnet-

Traditional applications: magneto-electric tubes, TWT amplifiers, regulators, motors and instruments.SourceRare earth magnet-

Rare earth permanent magnet materials have replaced Alnico in many applications.SourceRare earth magnet-

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